• Make your amazing loved one smile as they opens the gift of this This... Belongs To Tote Bag. Something they'll treasure and find very useful!


    Do you have a special person that has made a lasting impact on your life? Then there is no better way to treat them than gifting them this bag. Perhaps they've helped you through a tough time or given you extra love and support when you’ve needed it. Maybe they're literally your rock!


    Create a memory that will last a lifetime with this Personalised Belongs To Tote Bag. Personalise his or her name e.g. Auntie Tracey, Uncle Brian and personalise who this bag is from below in a black capitalised font to add the finishing touches to this bag! Please note that the 'Auntie' part of the bag is in a mixed case font and the first letter has been capitalised. ('This' & 'Belongs To' cannot be altered or persoanlised).


    Special loved ones deserve a bag like this one so that you can show them you’re always thinking of her and appreicate all her love towards you. Let her carry all of her essentials proudly!


    This bag is the perfect gift for loved ones! Ideal for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversary’s and more! This bag is sure to leave a mark on her heart in a truly unique way. Please be aware - these can be made for family, friends or partners. Don't forget our key workers also. Share the love!

    This... Belongs To Tote Bag