• A fantasticly unqiue, novel way for Tilly the Tooth Fairy to deliver her heartfelt thank you for receiving the tooth! Spread a little magic with this personalised message in a bottle from the Tooth Fairy!


    Each bottle contains your typed message on a small piece of creamy watercolour paper, which is rolled and slipped inside a glass bottle before being complete with its cork and carefully packaged in a signature, glossy gift box, ready to present to your loved ones!


    Why your loved ones will appreciate this

    • A personalised gift that’s genuine and heartfelt
    • Allows the little ones imagination to run wild
    • A memorable keepsake to be reminiscent at in years to come
    • Lovingly handmade and packaged by our expert team at Chips & Sprinkles HQ
    • Dimensions: approximately 4cm tall with a 2cm diameter (excluding cork) each note is sized to approximately 12 x 3cm


    Send the timeless gift of treasured memories with our Personalised Tooth Fairy Letter In A Bottle! Order it today.


    Our team of experts make each product by hand at Chips & Sprinkles HQ before printing and sending, so you can expect a beautifully stunning result. After all, your loved ones deserve the best!


    Packaged in my signature kraft and foil embossed gift box with 'Sarah Hurley' printed on the top.

    If you order more than one bottle we'll include a tiny tag inside each box to let you know which is which.

    Personalised Tooth Fairy Letter In A Bottle